Monday, June 4, 2012

10 SEC Thoughts: James Franklin, Conference Expansion, And A 9 Game League Schedule

Been a while since I posted, almost a month to be exact. To be frank nothing is really going on in the ACC and SEC sports world except for a bunch of conference expansion rumors. Good thing the CIA has a bettor rumor filter than college sports is all I can say.

Here is 10 things I think I think about the SEC:

1. I feel like these conference meetings are much ado about nothing and strictly a reason for Athletic Director's to go the beach.

2. I thought Steve Spurrier's division champion point system was intriguing, but in the end the SEC made the right choice in not (essentially) creating two leagues within their own by using it.

3. James Franklin was being honest when he said what he said about assistant coaches better halves. Sometimes honesty, publicly at least, gets you in trouble. James Franklin is going to need a lot of assistant help to succeed at Vanderbilt over the long term.

4. The SEC looks to be dominating the NCAA Baseball Playoffs, again. And they are doing it at the expense of the ACC.

5. I was a little surprised UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity was so quick to say baseball coach David Perno would be back next season. Yes, he has taken the Bulldogs to three College World Series, but they have also missed the tourney two of the last three seasons and haven't won the season series against in state rival Georgia in five years. Not many coaches stay around in Athens with that kind of record against the Yellow Jackets.

6. The SEC's lenient drug policies were brought up recently by the AP. My thinking is until coaches are rewarded for developing young men first and winning second, having a (tough) drug policy makes your seat hotter.

7. Looking ahead to the first week of the football season I am looking forward to seeing the rubber match between Clemson and Auburn most of all despite Alabama/Michigan being a likely top 20 matchup.

8. If conference expansion takes off again and the SEC moves to 16, NC State and Virginia Tech make the most sense for the league. State politics would get very interesting on Tobacco Road if offers were made.

9. Bobby Petrino was proof that looks don't really matter if you have money and power. Montana has a first year coach who has to be nervous with Petrino now available.

10. I understand why the SEC doesn't want to go to a 9 game conference schedule, but if I am ESPN I use my television money to persuade them too.

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