Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 Natural College Football Rivalries That Need To Start

It is Summer time and I have random college football thoughts going through my head. Like natural rivalries that everyone wants to see year in and year out, but coaches are too afraid to schedule. Here are nine natural rivalries I can think of:

Tennessee - Virginia Tech
Two mountain schools playing each other. I am thinking the infield at Bristol Speedway would be a good neutral ground.

Notre Dame - Ohio State
Woody Hayes wouldn't play this rivalry because he did not want to split the Catholic loyal in the Buckeye state, but those times have passed.

Georgia Tech - Auburn
These two are old SEC rivals that continued playing almost yearly even after Tech left the league. Auburn is the second choice of many Engineering students in the area as Georgia Tech is for football recruits.

Florida - Miami
Canes will say the Gators ended this rivalry tired of getting beat by "The U". Florida will say, and rightly so, the SEC schedule is tough enough. Still while Miami is down I think UF wouldn't mind getting a few licks in when they could.

UGA - Clemson
Anyone who grew up in the 80s in the South knew how special this rivalry was. The schools are only about 60 miles apart as the crow flies yet conference expansion on both sides and coaches and ADs fearful of losing jobs has pushed this one off the schedule.

Oregon - Oklahoma State
We can call it the donation bowl pitting two of the biggest individual donor schools against each other (and some high flying offenses to boot).

USC - Michigan
The most frequent Rose Bowl Match up in history which may not even occur now if one is in the BCS Championship Game or an anticipated "Final Four". The Trojans are known to play anyone, anytime, anywhere as evidenced by their trips to Auburn, Ohio State, Washington DC, and Arkansas among others. The trip to Southern California would give Michigan recruiting exposure in a growing market (unlike the one they reside in).

Alabama - Texas
Arguably the two most rabid states have their state universities square off. Bear, Royal, Namath, Campbell and the list goes on for the legends on both sides.

South Carolina - North Carolina
These two states have been fighting for bragging rights since the Revolutionary War. The Gamecocks are the only school ever to leave the ACC and many feel it was because of favoritism on Tobacco Road (and entrance requirements of the league).

I am still searching for a 10th...who can name another natural rivalry that needs to start (again)?

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