Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Georgia Tech Football: New Strength & Conditioning Coach Focusing on Player Position Development

In a much needed move, Georgia Tech hired a new strength and conditioning coach, John Sisk, in late May to help prevent another late season swoon.

It was obvious in the last three seasons since Eric Ciano left for the NFL the Yellow Jackets were simply not maximizing their physical abilities, especially on the line of scrimmage - just take a look at the rush defense figures.

Sisk's changes are not drastic but he is moving the program in a different direction after Tech was outscored 48-14 in the 4th quarter of their last seven games of which they lost five.

Sisk, 42, takes an approach that adjusts training by position, individual and class. A quarterback should have a different workout than a linebacker. A fifth-year senior should train differently than a freshman. A veteran team may need different challenges than a young one.

The most important position on the defense is the Nose Tackle, where Al Groh has the size but needs the production to make his 3-4 scheme work.

Nose tackle T.J. Barnes has given his approval. Barnes began to come in two afternoons each week to lift with Sisk on top of the five weekly morning team sessions.

"I've taken a whole new approach to it than I have in the past couple of years, especially talking to coach Sisk," Barnes said. "He has me believing I can do amazing things."

Yes, Alabama and LSU have great talent and coaching but they widen that performance gap even further with the rest of the country because of their S&C programs whose coaches get to spend much more time with the players than Nick Saban or Les Miles.

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