Thursday, July 5, 2012

Georgia Tech Football: What is the Biggest Difference in the New Strength and Conditioning Program?

Yellow Jacket blog From The Rumble Seat sits down for an interview with WR Darren Waller asking him (among other things) what the biggest difference is between former S&C Coach Neal Peduzzi and new hire John Sisk.
Q: You mention the strength and conditioning. What's the biggest difference between Coach Peduzzi and the new gentleman, I can't remember his name? (Gotta love your intrepid snoop making a fool of himself in front of professionals...)
DW: Oh, coach Sisk? He likes to change things up, its never the same thing every day like oh on Monday we're gonna do this, Wednesday we're gonna do this, its always a mix-up, and you just never know. You're not gonna get used to it, and I feel like every week we've grown because, ya know, the running hasn't always been the same, and the lifting is just new things that we didn't do with Coach Peduzzi. We'll do, like, ankle stuff and just like all different kinds of neck exercises and just everything. Coach Sisk just puts so much time into it, he'll pull out the speakers in the indoor, play music while we're warming up to go run, I feel like that's what's great. Him and Coach Walk (Walkosky, special teams coordinator) relate to players right off the bat and that's why we've been able to [respond] to them so well.
I have no clue how the new S&C Coach will pan out, but it was evident to me over the last three seasons Georgia Tech was physically deficient, especially on defense, to teams of equal stature. A change was needed to try something new.

AJC: Georgia Tech strength coach John Sisk building momentum

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