Monday, July 9, 2012

SEC Football: Vegas 2012 Season Win Totals Released

You can read all the preseason magazines you want, but in my opinion the prediction on how your team is going to do this season is what Vegas says.

Here are the win totals from Cantor Gaming in Vegas for the SEC released so far. But first a quick primer on win totals.

1. Many times win totals are set at 0.5 increments so Vegas can generate equal betting on each side of the number. Remember, does not like or dislike your team they are simply trying to get even money on each side.

2. Vegas is not always wrong on the big name teams. They purposely put the high profile team win totals higher because they will receive more action and all fans are optimistic at this point.

3. Just like a game spread, Vegas will make one side of the bet a favorite. When you look below and see Florida State win total at 10.5 (-210u), this means under 10.5 wins is the favorite and if you bet $210 you win $100. Ole Miss at 3.5 (-160o) means more than 3.5 wins is favored. You can also bet the other side with a different percentage taken.

LSU 10.5 (-175u)
Alabama 10.5 (-165u)
Arkansas 8.5 (-170o)
South Carolina 8.5 (-130o)
Florida 7.5 (-170o)
Mississippi State 7.5 (-125u)
Tennessee 7.5 (-160u)
Missouri 7.5 (-160u)
Auburn 7.5 (-140u)
Texas A&M 7.5 (-175u)
Vanderbilt 5.5 (-165o)
Kentucky 4.5 (-130u)
Mississippi 3.5 (-160o)

So Vegas is favoring LSU slightly over Alabama for the highest win total. UGA's number was not released yet by Cantor Gaming but online sites have pegged the win total at 9.5.

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