Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UGA Football: Isaiah Crowell Dismissal Is Getting Ugly on the Interwebs (UPDATED)

On Sunday, I showed a sampling of what former teammates and classmates are saying about Crowell on Twitter.

Now, a UGA football player and "fan" are in a Facebook battle over Crowell as Loser with Socks uncovered.

Here is a snippet of the dialogue:
UGA student-athlete Cornelius Washington-
“‘all(of you) think you know so much, but in reality you know nothing. You
don’t know what we come from, you don’t know our struggles, all you know
is the number on our jersies. 99% of you don’t give a crap about us
outside of football. When we’re doing well you’re all in our faces, when
things get tough and we need encouragement you’re nowhere to be found.
You’re fake and I despise you for it. We shall band together guys, we’ve
been working hard and we only need each other. NONE of those outsiders
will contribute to our survival as a team or as individuals, you can
guarantee that.#stickclosetoeachother

"Fan" Bobby Nettles-
OK Mr. Corn, I’ll bite, what oppressive circumstance that none of us can
possibly understand are you referencing? Are you suggesting that none of
us come from families that struggled to make ends meet? Maybe none of
us were raised by a single parent? Perhaps some of us didn’t eat grilled
cheese sandwiches, cheap hot dogs (with no bun), ramen noodles, or
fishsticks for dinner AS A TREAT because we came from an era of economic
recession that makes today’s seem tame?

Let me tell you something you shortsighted little moron, poor when I was a kid meant
something entirely different than it does now.. and we had it good
compared to our parents and grandparents who survived on hope, sunshine,
and tap water…
You can go to ANY college message board and find "fans" praising and scolding student-athletes at any time.

I have to side with Mr. Washington on this one as 99% of fans probably don't care what happens to these players off the field or after football, just as long as they make the right play on Saturday.

Read the full dialogue between Washington and Nettles here 
Apparently, Washington has posted another message on Facebook apologizing for his initial post and causing "so much disruption amongst the team. I forgot for a minute that I am here to get an education and play football and that pretty much is the extent of my responsibilities. I am not here to complain about the fanatics and for that I do apologize."

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