Friday, August 31, 2012

5 College Football Memes I Am Not Buying This Season

1. UNC is going to win the ACC Coastal
Phil Steele picked the Tar Heels to win their division.  I get his logic in that UNC has the easiest schedule of the contenders, but North Carolina didn't really come close when they had a defense full of potential NFL players.  Those players are gone. Steele is very good in his predictions but he consistently over ranks the Heels (and Miami) while consitently overlooking Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

2. James Franklin will turn Vanderbilt into a consistent winner
First, let me say I love what Franklin is doing in Nashville. He is selling Vandy exactly the way he should be and doing a good job at it as evidenced by his recruiting class last year and so far this year.  Still, he plays in the toughest conference in the country and has by far the smallest recruiting base, especially on the ultra important line of scrimmage.  The Commodores will go to another bowl game or two under Franklin, but the money and lure of a bigger job will come and I highly doubt this is Franklin's last stop as a coach.

3. Penn State will still be able to compete at a BCS level
Even at their best, the Nittany Lions were a marginal top 25 team last year.  They lost their best runner, best receiver, best kicker, had a coaching and philosophy change, and oh yeah that horrid scandal.  Every player on this roster knows they will never go to another bowl in their college career. They read the internet, the read the remarks about Penn State, they know many are rooting against them even though they did nothing wrong.   If Bill O'Brien wins six games his first season, he deserves B1G Coach of the Year.

4. Arkansas can still win the West even without Bobby Petrino
Bobby Petrino is kind of a jerk.  Most really good coaches are.  The fired coach had elevated the Hogs into a top 10 program because of his offense and QB development (see how Louisville fell after his departure?).  John L. Smith is an entertaining guy, but he does not have the Xs and Os accomplice of Petrino and that is where the Hogs chances lied in upsetting an Alabama or LSU. 

5. LSU won't miss the Tyrann Mathieu
Really?  A team won't miss the Chuck Bednarik winner?  Sure he was not very good in coverage, but he was the best defensive play maker in the country.  Mathieu's was also the Tigers leading tackler last year so the run defense will suffer too.  LSU is deep, but not that deep.

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