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How An SEC Ref Showed His Love For Alabama

Here's proof

The side judge originally marks the ball a good half yard short of the first down. Then moves it a little forward before finally checking the marker and then....oh hell FIRST DOWN!

h/t @BarrettSallee

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Georgia Tech Defensive Coordinator Candidates (UPDATED)

After yielding over 1,100 yards the last two weeks in two straight losses, it is a foregone conclusion Georgia Tech will be hiring a new Defensive Coordinator for the 2013 season.

UPDATED: After yielding 40+ points for the third straight week, Al Groh was dismissed by Georgia Tech on Monday, October 8th. 

The Yellow Jackets defense has a lot of problems so it is important to find the right guy because the new DC's boss does not have a whole lot of time to get the unit turned around.

Here are the two big problems I see with Georgia Tech's defense today.

1. Lack of talent

You could chalk up the 609 yards to Miami as having an off day and playing a talented team. Giving up over 500 (I am not going to bother to look up the exact total because at this point it does not matter) to Middle Tennessee State proves the Miami game is not an aberration.

When you lack talent, you have to recruit better. Easier said than done, but it has to be done to get significant improvement. And you don't make a coordinator change without expecting significant improvement.

The new Defensive Coordinator must be a good recruiter.

2. Lack of motivation

One player on defense in Saturday's loss to MTSU looked like they cared. #14 CB Jemea Thomas. Yes, Georgia Tech is going to struggle to get more talent than UGA, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Miami but if you don't have players giving 100% then the Yellow Jackets don't have a chance of winning against the Middle Tennessee State's either.

The new Defensive Coordinator has to be able to motivate players

Beyond those two things, everything else is just noise. You can use a 3-4, 4-3, 5-3, 3-3-5 it does not matter if you don't have talent and can't motivate players. Al Groh's 3-4 scheme is not the problem. It's Al Groh and the players.

Now that the parameters have been set here are some potential candidates:

1. Lance Thompson, Assistant Coach/Linebackers Coach, Alabama

Thompson certainly meets the criteria for ability to recruit as he was named national recruiter of the year in 2008 by at Alabama. That class was the foundation for winning two BCS titles in three seasons. People who don't believe in recruiting rankings at the team level have teams who don't recruit well and don't win big. See a Georgia Tech fan with his head buried in the sand as an example.

Thompson also has strong ties to Georgia Tech spending 1992-1998 and 2001 in various roles, including recruiting coordinator from 1995-1998. Those four classes helped return Georgia Tech to a competitive position in the ACC and three straight wins over UGA.

In that 2008 Alabama class, Thompson was listed as the lead recruiter for Julio Jones, Jerrel Harris, and Mark Barron among two 5 stars and six 4 stars.

While at Tennessee, Thompson reeled in A.J. Johnson and Brian Randolph two players from Georgia that Tech coveted.

The Alabama assistant is a native of Riverdale, Ga to boot so he has plenty of local ties.

I have no proof that Thompson can motivate players, but I don't think a coach who spent time with Nick Saban at LSU and two different stints at Alabama is a poor motivator.

Since first posting this, I have received feedback from Georgia Tech "Insiders" who say Thompson is a well known cheater on the recruiting trail and pushed the envelope while at Tech in the 90s.  To this I say, why hasn't he been caught or a rival turned him in yet?

2. Odell Haggins, Defensive Line Coach, Florida State

Haggins gained the commitment of a 5 star defensive tackle and two other 4 star defenders this past season. Anyone who has watched Georgia Tech's defense this year or any of the past three seasons knows the defensive line play has been below BCS level.

If you cannot get penetration on the running game or pressure on the QB passing you have little chance of being effective on defense.

Haggins played at FSU and has been there 19 years, but you would have to think he would like a shot at moving up the chain. He is certainly more of a risk than a Lance Thompson, but you cannot doubt the man's ability to recruit.

3. Lance Anderson, Linebackers/Recruiting Coordinator, Stanford

Anderson was instrumental in recruiting the best offensive line class in the nation last February as well as well several talented defenders.

In addition to his on field duties, Anderson also served as the Admissions liaison at Stanford so he knows how to recruit at a high level with academic restrictions.

Anderson came to Stanford with Jim Harbaugh when he took over the Cardinal.

I think Jim Harbaugh is the best coach in football, college or pro. If Anderson can bring 1/10th of the mental and physical toughness Stanford has to Georgia Tech it would be an improvement over the current situation.

The one major knock against Anderson would be lack of local recruiting ties.

4. Giff Smith, Defensive Line Coach, Buffalo Bills

A name very familiar with Georgia Tech fans as he helped land the 2007 class that won Paul Johnson's first 20 games and an ACC Championship in 2009.

Another good feature of Smith is he was defensive line coach for Tech as well. This is by far the weakest area of the current defense.

Good recruiter? Check. Local Ties? Check. Motivator? Tech's defensive line looked a whole lot better when he was coaching them.

But just like 2007, Yellow Jackets have to root for Chan Gailey to be fired as Smith is unlikely to leave Buffalo unless that happens.

5. Rodney Garner, Defensive Line Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, UGA

You will not find a person with more recruiting ties in the state of Georgia than Rodney Garner. No one.

Georgia Tech fans will moan that Garner will put them on probation.

I don't see why a guy who has not had one major violation in Athens would suddenly have them in Atlanta.

Other teams have tried to pluck Garner away as a position coach only for UGA to give him raise after raise and even adding an Assistant Coach title. To my knowledge though no one has offered him a DC role. So while Garner may have to take a pay cut, the ability to move up the chain and closer to a coveted head coaching position could be enticing.

Garner definitely falls into the if you can't beat'em, join'em category.

I realize I went very heavy towards the recruiting angle for Georgia Tech's new Defensive Coordinator.

This is because I believe defense is much more about Jimmys and Joes than X's and O's. You cannot scheme your way to a good defense. You need big, strong, fast athletes and the best way to get those is recruiting.

Like Thompson, I have also received feedback about Garner's recruiting methods.  I point to the fact that he has not had one major recruiting violation while at UGA.  If you have evidence Garner has cheated, I encourage you to send it to me (either in comments or to my email address in the upper right hand side).

Georgia Tech fans: Which one of these candidates excites you the most? Who did I miss? Do you have confidence Paul Johnson will realize recruiting needs to improve?

Paul Johnson Middle Tennessee State Post Game Press Conference

Friday, September 28, 2012

Did Matt Ryan Suggest Many Colleges Are Breaking NCAA Practice Time Rules?

In last week's issue of Sports Illustrated, the Falcons Matt Ryan offered his theory on why so many young QBs are starting around the league:
 "The amount of time college athletes are spending on campus preparing with coaches is probably as much as NFL guys are [in the off-season]."

I thought players and coaches were only allowed at most 20 hours per week of dedicated football time during the season and only 8 hours per in the off season with the coaching staff per NCAA rules?

A few years ago Michigan got in trouble for too much practicing after some current players (after being coerced by a group wanting Rich Rodriguez out, likely led by Lloyd Carr - my theory) went to Detroit newspapers.

Meanwhile, the NCAA will keep going after criminal cases, incoming players sleeping on couches, and Cal Tech.  

Georgia Tech vs Middle Tennessee State Recruiting Comparison

Coming off a devastating and likely division championship ending loss, the Yellow Jackets get a tune up this week with the Blue Raiders coming to Atlanta.

Many harp on the lack of recruiting under Paul Johnson, but Georgia Tech has a significant, huge advantage in recruited talent Saturday. 

Here are the recruiting rankings for each squad the last five February's according to

School 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 5 yr avg 4 yr avg
Georgia Tech 49 49 43 41 56 47.6 47.3
Middle Tennessee 64 108 95 94 113 94.8 101.0

But then again, MTSU had a bye week before this game to prepare for Tech's unique offense.

It shouldn't matter with this big of a talent difference.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

UGA vs Tennessee Recruiting Comparison

While on its way to East showdowns with South Carolina and Florida, the Georgia Bulldogs face a pesky Tennessee Volunteers team Saturday in Athens.

Mark Richt has largely turned this rivalry in the favor of the red and black after UGA struggled with Tennessee for much of the 90s.  One big reason for the recent success is keeping the state's top players at home and out of Knoxville.  Phil Fulmer made hay in Atlanta during his best years with the help of recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner, who now is at Georgia.

So that's your history lesson on the modern recruiting battles of UT and UGA.

Now onto the actual talent at Sanford Stadium on the CBS Game of the Week.

Recruiting Rankings the last 5 years according to
School 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 5 yr avg
Georgia 7 6 15 5 12 9.0
Tennessee 35 10 9 13 17 16.8

If you take out Tennessee's 2008 class which has largely moved on, the Vols 4 year average is 13.2 while UGA has basically recruited at the same level over the last half decade.

So UGA has more talent on the field as evidenced by these rankings.

To pull the upset on the road, Derek Dooley has to out coach Mark Richt by a good amount.

I don't see that happening.

UNC Football: Why The NCAA Has Not Come Down Harder On The Tar Heels

Bylaw Blog: Rejected NCAA proposal could have caused UNC problems

(h/t: Tar Heel Blog)

And CBS Sports had a very good podcast with John Infante of the Bylaw Blog on the situations on Tobacco Road for North Carolina and Duke

John Infante Audio

Meanwhile, I am sure the NCAA will keep slamming the Boise State's and Cal Tech's of the world with reduced scholarships and reduced practice time for having recruits sleep on couches.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Georgia Tech Football: Has Paul Johnson Lost His Touch In Close Games Or Is It Reversal of Fortune?

Yellow Jackets fans are still butthurt from last Saturday's overtime loss to Miami effectively knocking them out of the Coastal Division race in September.

All sorts of theories have cropped up regarding why Georgia Tech lost and fans are wondering what has happened to a coach that started his career in Atlanta 20-7.

One popular theory is that Paul Johnson can't win close games anymore.

The real question is: Are those close wins in 2008 and 2009 coming back around to the other side?

No one can be fortunate or lucky forever. One of Phil Steele's favorite stats in looking at most improved or biggest declining teams is how they did in close games (7 points or less margin) the prior year. If a team lost a lot of close games they are more likely to win them the next year and vice versa.

That theory didn't hold for Georgia Tech in 2008-2009, but it may be coming back around now.

In 2008, the Yellow Jackets were 5-2 in games decided by a touchdown or less. The biggest fortune of that season was a 31-28 win over FSU when a Seminole running back fumbled on the 2 yard line with less than a minute to go.

Fast forward to 2009. Tech was 4-1 in games decided by 7 pts or less (Virginia Tech scored very late to make it a five point game).

Over those two seasons, Paul Johnson's team was 9-3 in close games. The Yellow Jackets certainly did not suffer under Steele's theory.  One could also argue players like Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer, and Derrick Morgan had a lot to do with those wins.

In 2010, the Jackets were 2-3 in close games. And last season they were 2-2 making a 4-5 record over the last two seasons. Throw in an 0-2 record to start 2012 and you have a 4-7 record in close games since 2009.

First two seasons was 9-3, last two plus seasons 4-7.

Is it the lack of plays in the clutch or is it simply fate bouncing the other way?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vanderbilt Football: James Franklin Punks Duke, ACC Football

Prior to his game with UGA last week, Commodores Head Coach James Franklin appeared on Atlanta radio to discuss the matchup with the Bulldogs and what he is trying to sell to recruits.

Franklin said Vandy offered the best of both worlds - academics and a chance to play in the best conference in college football.

The second year head coach said only Northwestern, Stanford, and Vanderbilt are elite universities playing at the highest level. 

I guess we found out how much he thinks of the conference his former employer, Maryland, plays in and the Duke football program as the Blue Devils were ranked 8th by US News and World Report, nine spots higher than Vanderbilt.

Franklin audio

Monday, September 24, 2012

Georgia Tech Football: Some Damning Statistics About The Yellow Jackets Defense

After three solid performances to start the season, the lid was blown off the Georgia Tech defense Saturday allowing 609 yards (584 in regulation) in an OT loss to Miami.

Tech beat writer Ken Sugiura has a post up comparing what other defenses gave up that many yards and how their defenses and seasons panned out.
Could Georgia Tech’s 609-yard meltdown have been an aberration? From one perspective (and probably many others), possibly, but most likely not.

In 2011, there were 22 games between BCS conference opponents in which one team gave up yardage within 25 yards either way of the 609 surrendered by the Yellow Jackets to Miami. Some defenses were torched multiple times, 16 teams in all.

Of those 16, 10 finished 81st or worse in total defense at the end of the 2011 season. The rest were Wisconsin (15th), Arkansas (47th), Oklahoma (55th), Missouri (61st), Clemson (71st) and Purdue (73rd). Tech finished 44th last season at 359.3 yards per game.
Is it a lack of talent?

Sure, the Yellow Jackets don't have the talent of a UGA or Alabama but they aren't in a dearth for it either. The depth chart for the Miami game averaged almost exactly to 3 stars according to Rivals. Hardly low level FBS.

Is it coaching?

A starter mentioned he felt the defense was unprepared in post game comments. But then again Al Groh comes from the Bill Parcells coaching tree and has been ACC Coach of the Year.

It is likely a combination of the two.

At the most critical position on defense, the line, Tech does lack talent and a non-BCS level Strength & Conditioning program has set them back as well (a new coach was hired in May so he only had half an off season to change).

And then you have Groh calling a defense that his players are unable to execute and sometimes they can't even get the calls.

Paul Johnson has already replaced one Defensive Coordinator at Georgia Tech and unless a big and unprecedented turn around comes he will be searching for a new one again.

And if the next one doesn't work out...

SEC Rankings After Week 4: Is LSU Not As Good As We Thought?

I don't like to do rankings until at least 4 weeks into the season. By now (nearly) everyone has played at least one game of similar competition level and we can have a more accurate picture than one simply composed of playing FCS teams as the AP and Coaches do from week 1.

Tier I
1. Alabama

Tier II
2. LSU
3. Georgia
4. South Carolina
5. Florida

Tier III
6. Missouri
7. Miss State
8. Texas A&M
9. Tennessee
10. Auburn

Tier IV
11. Ole Miss
12. Vanderbilt

Tier V
13. Arkansas
14. Kentucky

National Top 10
1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. LSU
4. FSU
5. Georgia
6. South Carolina
7. Stanford
8. Notre Dame
9. USC
10. Kansas State

The college football regular season is now 33.3% over. Enjoy the grind while it lasts.

ACC Rankings After Week 4: FSU Clearly Tops In The League

I don't like to do rankings until at least 4 weeks into the season. By now (nearly) everyone has played at least one game of similar competition level and we can have a more accurate picture than one simply composed of playing FCS teams as the AP and Coaches do from week 1.

Tier I
1. FSU

Tier II
2. Clemson
3. Virginia Tech

Tier III
4. Miami
5. Georgia Tech

Tier IV
6. NC State
7. North Carolina
8. Wake Forest

Tier V
9. Virginia
10. Boston College
11. Maryland
12. Duke

National Top 10
1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. LSU
4. FSU
5. Georgia
6. South Carolina
7. Stanford
8. Notre Dame
9. USC
10. Kansas State

The college football regular season is now 33.3% over. Enjoy the grind while it lasts.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Did A Georgia Tech Player Throw His Coach Under The Bus?

From the post game quotes after they Yellow Jackets OT loss to Miami in which they gave up 609 yards of offense

Starting Linebacker Brandon Watts on the defensive performance...
"They just manhandled us and out executed us. I felt like we weren't prepared. I can't really say too much.... A positive is that we kept fighting the whole game. We got started bad and got down a lot but we kept fighting though."

For me it always starts and ends with the coaches with every program. The coaches recruit the players, instruct them on how to play, and get paid to do it. If a player is not performing it is up to the coach to get someone else in who can, whether that person be already on the sideline or on the dotted line in February.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Miami Postgame Video Interview With Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson

The Yellow Jackets blew a 17 point second half and 14 point fourth quarter lead after scoring 36 unanswered to fall in OT to the Hurricanes for the 4th straight year.

Georgia Tech has taken down Johnson's post game interview so here is Miami's Al Golden after the game.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Much Does An Associate NCAA Compliance Director Make?

If you have a Master's degree and have worked in NCAA Compliance then you may be interested in Georgia Tech's posting for an Associate Director of Compliance. 

Georgia Tech Job Description

This Was The Only Time Longhorns Were Stopped All Night In Oxford.

Someone at Ole Miss Finally Stepped Up To Texas
From 30fps

Tennessee and UGA Fans Have Something In Common

They both hate Da'Rick Rogers.

From ESPN Gameday via 30fps

New Colorado Buffalo Recruiting Pitch

Something has to change in Boulder.  The second year Pac 12 program is 0-3 and fresh off a 69-14 shellacking at the hands of Fresno State. 

Last week, Jon Embree lost to FBS Sacramento State and opened the season with a loss to in state rival Colorado State (whom never beats out Colorado for a recruit).

The Buffaloes had a very strong program in the 90s and even Rick Neuheisal had the team going for a while until a few unsavory recruiting tactics were uncovered (pun intended).

Since they can't go back to the Girls Gone Wild days, I offer a new recruiting pitch for Colorado.

This is my desktop background at work.  I cannot tell you how many people ask me where this picture was taken.  

It was snapped about an hour from the Boulder campus in Rocky Mountain National Park.  

When you're 0-3 and coming off a 55 point loss sometimes you have to be creative. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How Notre Dame Shut Down Powerful Michigan State Run Game

The Fighting Irish did something that will have their fans believing they can become an elite program again and it has nothing to do with Brian Kelly's legacy as an offensive master.

Coming into Saturday's contest, Michigan State was averaging 193 yards per game on the ground. The Spartans managed just 50 yards rushing at just 2.0 per attempt against Notre Dame.

Much was made of the Irish scheduling agreement with the ACC this week and a popular reason was the fear of losing opponents as many BCS conferences go to nine game league schedules.

But another very big reason for the move was the ability to make further recruiting inroads in the South.

Those Southern players were a big reason why Kelly's defense played so well on Saturday.

According to their depth chart at, all three of the Irish defensive line hail from the South (Florida, Georgia, Texas). Two starting linebackers hail from North Carolina, right in the middle of ACC country, and two first unit defensive backs are from Florida and Georgia.

The SEC has been so dominant in BCS bowls not because of "SEC Speed", but because of "SEC Strength and Athleticism" on the defensive line and linebacker units.

No conference in the country can compete with the best of the SEC on the line of scrimmage, but the Irish are doing their best to pluck a few away to give themselves a chance.

Five additional games in the South can only help to continue a pipeline of SEC type athletes to South Bend.

Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson Virginia Postgame Press Conference

From RamblinWreck Tube

Monday, September 10, 2012

This is Why Option Football Will Always Be A Part of College Football

Nearly every team (even Alabama) has a zone read call in their playbook.  This is why.  92 yard touchdown run by the QB.

Erk Russell Movie To Begin Filming Summer 2013 (w/ UGA and Georgia Tech Ties)

I wonder who will play Vince Dooley and Paul Johnson?
September 1, 2012 – A major motion picture entitled Erk will begin production in Summer 2013, a biopic about the life of legendary college football coach Erk Russell.

Jay and Rusty, the sons of the late Erk Russell, said in a joint statement, “We are excited about the prospects of this film. We totally embrace the project and feel honored that his miraculous accomplishments will be presented in this form. His story is unique and he was a ‘one of a kind’ individual. Our family looks forward to seeing his humble yet iconic character portrayed on screen.”
Working with Coach Russell during the infancy of Georgia Southern’s football program, later winning national titles as the head coach, current Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson fondly remembers his years with Russell, “He a very successful and innovative football coach, but he was an even better and more interesting person. We enjoyed some great seasons together on the football field and I’ll always be appreciative of his support of my coaching career.”
“Between our time at Auburn and Georgia, we were together some twenty years.  His incredible record as a coach speaks for itself,” said legendary former UGA head coach Vince Dooley. “Equally as important is his splendid reputation as a great human being.  I am pleased to learn of a film about the late, one and only Erk Russell. It is a fitting tribute to a long time friend and coaching associate.”
Erk: The Movie

Sunday, September 9, 2012

SEC Weekend Roundup: Arkansas, Auburn, Missouri, Texas AM, and Vanderbilt All Hit The Snooze Button

Miss State 28 Auburn 10

Dan Mullen was 0-12 against non-Ole Miss SEC West teams before Saturday. Gene Chizik is looking more and more like the coach everyone thought he was post-Iowa State and pre-Cam Newton.

South Carolina 48 East Carolina 10

The only thing Steve Spurrier likes more than a QB controversy (backup Dylan Thompson threw for 300 yards in Connor Shaw's absence) is blow out wins.

Florida 20 Texas AM 17

This was the best sign at Gameday. Too bad the Aggies wasn't as innovative (where have you gone Ryan Tannehill and girlfriend fiance?)

Alabama 35 Western Kentucky 0

I think Nick Saban called bad plays just to get his team believing they weren't quite as good as everyone (except Nick Saban) makes them out to be.

Tennessee 51 Georgia State 13

Bill Curry brought his fourth different program to Knoxville. Results were much the same.

Ole Miss 28 UTEP 10

The Rebels welcome another Texas team this week as in the Longhorns. Single men should be flocking to Oxford.

LSU 41 Washington 3

The Pac 12 had a really good day on Saturday. UCLA beat Nebraska. Oregon State beat Wisconsin. And then there was Washington.

Louisiana-Monroe 34 Arkansas 31

I could swear the ULM QB was faster than the Razorback defensive back on the War Hawks game winning touchdown. I think Razorback fans would totally forgive love Jeff Long for re-hiring Bobby Petrino.

Kentucky 47 Kent State 14

Wildcats totally exacted revenge on the Golden Flashes from the NCAA Baseball Tournament last Spring.  

Georgia 41 Missouri 20

I think Sheldon Richardson learned what a real defensive lineman looks like when he stared at John Jenkins, Abry Jones, Kwame Geathers, and company. 

Northwestern 23 Vanderbilt 13

James Franklin could easily step into politics if this football coaching thing doesn't work out. 

ACC Weekend Round Up: Another UNC Dream Season Down The Tubes

Wake Forest 28 UNC 27

I know Gio Bernard was out, but you can't lose your ACC opener, to Wake Forest, when you have Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech in your division.  Maybe the Demon Deacons were prepping for North Carolina all Fall practice as they racked up just 293 yards against Liberty a week ago. Jim Grobe is now 13-2 at home against his four in state rivals.  No wonder Wake fans love him so much.  This marks the 10th time in 12 years the Tar Heels have lost their ACC opener.   And some thought they were going to win their division!?

Georgia Tech 59 Presbyterian 3

"Six players ran for touchdowns as Georgia Tech (1-1) had 712 total yards, the second-highest total in school history, including 469 yards rushing. The Yellow Jackets had a school-record 768 yards in a 66-24 rout of Kansas in 2011." -  Though the Blue Hose did score for the first time in four meetings with five seconds remaining in the game.

FSU 55 Savannah St 0

The Seminoles did not cover the largest spread in record history of 69.5  Bettors got refunds for the weather shortened game.

Virginia 17 Penn State 16

" Penn State (0-2) forced four turnovers in Virginia territory, continually giving its offense opportunities, but it converted those chances into just three points.-" Some would call this Karma.

NC State 10 UConn 7

"Of particular concern only two games into the schedule is the offensive line, an ongoing program problem - ACC Now" I continue to be baffled why Tom O'Brien is having so much trouble on the offensive line in Raleigh when he looked so good at it in Chesnut Hill.

Boston College 34 Maine 3

Yes, this was a football game, not a hockey game.

Clemson 52 Ball State 27

While not up yet, Shakin the Southland usually does a film breakdown of the Tigers and its a must read for film geeks.  

Stanford 50 Duke 13

Is San Jose State really that much better than Duke?

Maryland 36 Temple 27

The Terps are 2-0.  They were also 2-0 last season.

Kansas State 52 Miami 13

At one point the Wildcats of Manhattan, Kansas were literally toying with the Hurricanes.  Somewhere Michael Irvin is crying.  

Virginia Tech 42 Austin Peay 7

The Hokies beat the Austin Peay Governors Saturday afternoon in Blacksburg 42-7 behind a good defensive performance and a lackluster performance on the offensive side of the ball (Déjà vu anyone?). - Gobbler Country

A Last Few Virginia Tech - Georgia Tech Links for Film Watchers

After a grueling game last Monday night, both the  Hokies and Yellow Jackets made it through their FCS opponents Saturday with relative ease while fans learned about how good their team truly is.

I found a couple of very interesting links with breakdowns of the game that should give you more insight into how the rest of the season may pan out.  But since the game is a week old now, I won't bore with you any more of my observations from the 20-17 Hokie win in OT so here are the links:

How Good Were the Hokies Against the Run Monday? - The Key Play

Breakdown of every Georgia Tech offensive and defensive position (normally wary of message board material but this looks pretty spot on to me)

And here is a video of every Yellow Jacket offensive play vs Bud Foster's defense. 

Film Review by Va Tech Blogger The Key Play

This Play Call Was The Moment When Kansas State Just Felt Sorry For Miami


The Wildcats still won 52-13 despite this play.  Kansas State's recruiting classes the last four off seasons have been ranked 93rd, 63rd, 68th, 58th while Miami has reeled in classes pegged 15th, 16th, 36th, and 9th according to Rivals.

I would have to say Bill Snyder outcoached Al Golden.  I am not surprised.  Snyder has outcoached a lot of people in his time

KSU DERP (from 30FPS)

Friday, September 7, 2012

UGA - Missouri: Recruiting Comparison

The Bulldogs open their SEC season once again in Columbia.  However, the trip will take them through the air instead of down Interstate 20.  The Tigers of Missouri will play their first SEC game against the defending East division champs.

While a home crowd will certainly help, Gary Pinkel's team is lacking in recruited talent when compared to Mark Richt's efforts.

Over the last four years, UGA's average recruiting ranking is 9th (7th best nationally) while Mizzou's average rank is 35th (good for 32nd nationally) according to Rivals.

Mark Richt has pulled in a top 15 class each of the last four offseasons.  Gary Pinkel's best class was in 2010 rated 21st nationally.

Georgia opened as a 3.5 point favorite, but that line has narrowed to just 2 points.  However, the Bulldogs have recruited significantly more talent to their roster.

School 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 4 yr avg
Georgia 7 6 15 5 12 9.4
Missouri 25 40 21 48 31 34.6

Home field advantage and the emotion of playing your first SEC game will help , but Gary Pinkel and his Mizzou team will have to play one of their best games in recent memory to pull of this upset.

UGA - Missouri Reading Material

Mizzou-Georgia football preview

7 Georgia, a loss to an unranked Missouri team would not only ruin national title hopes, but also give critics who call the Bulldogs one of the most underachieving programs in the country more ammunition. Cheers if … Missouri takes advantage of the moment ...

UGA football notebook: Cornerbacks ready for Missouri

Georgia tight end Arthur Lynch isn't sure Georgia plays “old man” football, but he believes Missouri belongs in the Southeastern Conference. “To be honest, I came from old man football,” Lynch, a Massachusetts native, said regarding Missouri defensive ...

Georgia-Missouri Capsule

Missouri QB James Franklin vs. Georgia defense. Franklin is dangerous with his legs as much as his arm after rushing for 15 TDs last year. He'll put pressure on a defense that will be without CB Sanders Commings and LB Chase Vasser, expected to serve ...

Georgia-Missouri Preview

Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson said he tried watching Georgia's season-opening win over Buffalo but turned off the television because it resembled ''old man football,'' apparently meaning old-fashioned. Rest assured, that is now bulletin-board ...

Missouri looks to challenge Georgia, SEC with its spread offense

Missouri quarterback James Franklin throws during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game against Southeastern Louisiana, Saturday. His team won easily 62-10 and plays Georgia this weekend at home. Missouri looks to ...

Preview: No. 7 Georgia Bulldogs at Missouri Tigers

Can Georgia overcome the loss of suspended starters? Will “old-man football” trump Missouri's spread attack? Intrigue abounds at sold-out Faurot Field. Shining stars: Missouri: Dual-threat quarterback James Franklin had to be salivating after seeing Buffalo's ...

Keys to the Game: No. 7 Georgia at Missouri

But because of things like home-field advantage and shoulder chips, that doesn't always mean what it should in college football. Georgia has to keep calm, avoid mistakes, and make sure being the better team does matter in Columbia. MISSOURI WILL WIN ...

Georgia, Missouri still strangers

ATHENS, Ga. -- Marlon Brown is one of the few Georgia football players who grew up in the central time zone. But when it comes to knowledge of Missouri football, the senior receiver from Memphis still doesn't really know much. "No, not really," Brown said.

Frequent flyer Bulldogs

ATHENS, Ga. -- For 50 years, Georgia's football team barely left its time zone during the regular season. Saturday's visit to Missouri marks the fifth time in five seasons that the Bulldogs will make a lengthy road trip -- this time for a game that before this season ...

Game Preview: Mizzou and Georgia set to make history

COLUMBIA, Mo.  -- The Missouri Tigers were members of the Big 12 Conference for 16 years and now, as new members of the Southeastern Conference, are ready to make history against the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday evening.

(7) Georgia (1-0) at Missouri (1-0) (ET)

GAME NOTES: The Missouri Tigers will play their first SEC game this Saturday night, as they entertain the seventh-ranked Georgia Bulldogs at Faurot Field/Memorial Stadium. Georgia allowed visiting Buffalo to hang around longer than most people expected ...

UGA's next opponent at a glance: Missouri

Defense: Missouri allowed 380 yards per game last season, which ranked No. 61 in the nation but No. 4 in the offense-oriented Big 12. Outspoken defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, well-known for his comment that Georgia plays “old man football,” is a ...

Talk SEC football with Doug Segrest on Friday

In the SEC, it's called big-boy football. But, according to Missouri defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, what Georgia plays is "old-man football." We'll find out who's right Saturday when Georgia makes its first trip to Columbia, Mo., to take on Missouri in a ...

Booher: Missouri facing big moment Saturday in SEC debut

This will be a nail-biter before Georgia pulls away. Georgia 26, Mizzou 23. Now, on to the rest of the football forecast, while wondering if sports departments that cover other Missouri Valley Football Conference schools should book one-on-ones with the likes ...

Football Notebook: Missouri formidable with dual-threat quarterback, daunting ...

One thing remains the same, even with Missouri taking the Gamecocks' spot on the Bulldogs' schedule. "We are going to Columbia, so I guess that's kind of the same vein," Georgia head coach Mark Richt said in his Tuesday press conference. "We knew ...

Richt, Pinkel tenures defy the coaching carousel

The surprising part, given the turnover rate among college football coaches, is that both Richt and Pinkel remain in the jobs they landed almost 12 years ago. They'll coach against each other for the first time Saturday night, when Georgia plays at Missouri in ...

Georgia heading to Missouri on a 'business trip'

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) - History will be made this weekend when Missouri plays its first Southeastern Conference football game. For Georgia, it's nothing more than a business trip. While the seventh-ranked Bulldogs (1-0) recognize the significance of the game, ...

Rockin' the M-I-Z: Previewing the Georgia-Missouri Game

Much like we did last week with Buffalo, Dawg Sports caught up with Bill Connelly, who is the proprietor of Rock M Nation, SB Nation's Mizzou blog (and a damn fine blog, if I do say so myself), ahead of this Saturday's Georgia-Missouri game. As we all know by now (and ESPN won't stop ... from Rock M Nation for participating! And if you're not familiar with his extensive writing at other SB Nation sites, such as Football Study Hall and his every-FBS-team preview at the mothership, you need to check it out. Like, now.

Georgia Tech - Presbyterian Reading Material

Tech-Presbyterian game made at last minute

Presbyterian College built a weight room. Georgia Tech scheduled a football game. Ryan Bamford kept a pen. The Yellow Jackets will play Presbyterian Saturday at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The end product of a frantic scheduling effort, it came about due to, ...

Preview: Presbyterian Blue Hose at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Shining stars: Presbyterian: RB Lance Byrd became the first Presbyterian player to rush for 2,000 yards with a 109-yard game last week. Georgia Tech: LB Jeremiah Attaochu had a career-high 10 tackles against Virginia Tech and added half a sack.

Presbyterian Vs. Georgia Tech: Yellow Jackets Shuffle Wide Receivers

Johnson said on his radio show on 790 the Zone Wednesday night that freshman wide receiver Anthony Autry would get playing time Saturday and indicated that wide receiver Darren Waller would probably start. He also said that an appeal for wide receiver ...

Lineup changes afoot for Georgia Tech

It appears that Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson will give a few young players a shot in the starting lineup for Saturday's home opener against Presbyterian. B-back Zach Laskey and wide receiver Darren Waller, both sophomores, and offensive tackle Bryan ...

when Georgia Tech drilled the Blue Hose, then known as the Fighting Blue Stockings, by a 59-0 score. It ended a three-game series in which the Yellow Jackets outscored Presbyterian 147-0. Offense: Presbyterian runs a spread offense and is led ...
Tech Hosts Presbyterian Saturday Night On The Flats

With just five days to shake the sting of Monday night's season-opening setback in overtime at Virginia Tech, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets host Presbyterian College Saturday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium in the 2012 home opener.The Jackets and the ...

Short turnaround for VT, GT

Georgia Tech hosts Presbyterian and Virginia Tech gets Austin Peay at home, but nobody will ever allow that the games are cupcakes because they come against FCS opponents. Virginia Tech knows that all too well. This is the 10th time coach Frank Beamer ...

Georgia Tech looks for answers from first game

But Johnson said Wednesday that Louis Young, Daniel Drummond and Fred Holton, who each missed the opener, might miss the Presbyterian game, too. Because of the short week, Georgia Tech will have only one day of on-field preparation. The Yellow ...

Georgia Tech goes back to work on running game

Georgia Tech has four straight home games to make up for the loss, starting with Saturday night's visit from Presbyterian. The Yellow Jackets, who were off on Tuesday, returned to practice Wednesday to start addressing breakdowns on offense exposed by ...

Clean injury report for Tech after Hokies game

The Jackets got out of the Virginia Tech game clean from an injury standpoint. B-back David Sims may sit out the Presbyterian game to give him more time to recover from his stress fracture. A-back Orwin Smith should be able to go. Safety Fred Holton is still ...

Johnson: 'A lot that I saw that I didn't like'

After reviewing the Virginia Tech game video, Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson was not especially impressed with much of anything, including the coaching staff. ... They will play their home opener Saturday against Presbyterian College. The wide receivers ...

Paul Johnson Press Conference Quotes

Every team has some good players and I'm sure Presbyterian does as well, but Saturday night's about Georgia Tech. It's about us moving forward and improving in a lot of areas that we need to improve. On injuries and Orwin Smith · David Sims was not 100% ...