Friday, September 28, 2012

Did Matt Ryan Suggest Many Colleges Are Breaking NCAA Practice Time Rules?

In last week's issue of Sports Illustrated, the Falcons Matt Ryan offered his theory on why so many young QBs are starting around the league:
 "The amount of time college athletes are spending on campus preparing with coaches is probably as much as NFL guys are [in the off-season]."

I thought players and coaches were only allowed at most 20 hours per week of dedicated football time during the season and only 8 hours per in the off season with the coaching staff per NCAA rules?

A few years ago Michigan got in trouble for too much practicing after some current players (after being coerced by a group wanting Rich Rodriguez out, likely led by Lloyd Carr - my theory) went to Detroit newspapers.

Meanwhile, the NCAA will keep going after criminal cases, incoming players sleeping on couches, and Cal Tech.  

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