Monday, September 24, 2012

Georgia Tech Football: Some Damning Statistics About The Yellow Jackets Defense

After three solid performances to start the season, the lid was blown off the Georgia Tech defense Saturday allowing 609 yards (584 in regulation) in an OT loss to Miami.

Tech beat writer Ken Sugiura has a post up comparing what other defenses gave up that many yards and how their defenses and seasons panned out.
Could Georgia Tech’s 609-yard meltdown have been an aberration? From one perspective (and probably many others), possibly, but most likely not.

In 2011, there were 22 games between BCS conference opponents in which one team gave up yardage within 25 yards either way of the 609 surrendered by the Yellow Jackets to Miami. Some defenses were torched multiple times, 16 teams in all.

Of those 16, 10 finished 81st or worse in total defense at the end of the 2011 season. The rest were Wisconsin (15th), Arkansas (47th), Oklahoma (55th), Missouri (61st), Clemson (71st) and Purdue (73rd). Tech finished 44th last season at 359.3 yards per game.
Is it a lack of talent?

Sure, the Yellow Jackets don't have the talent of a UGA or Alabama but they aren't in a dearth for it either. The depth chart for the Miami game averaged almost exactly to 3 stars according to Rivals. Hardly low level FBS.

Is it coaching?

A starter mentioned he felt the defense was unprepared in post game comments. But then again Al Groh comes from the Bill Parcells coaching tree and has been ACC Coach of the Year.

It is likely a combination of the two.

At the most critical position on defense, the line, Tech does lack talent and a non-BCS level Strength & Conditioning program has set them back as well (a new coach was hired in May so he only had half an off season to change).

And then you have Groh calling a defense that his players are unable to execute and sometimes they can't even get the calls.

Paul Johnson has already replaced one Defensive Coordinator at Georgia Tech and unless a big and unprecedented turn around comes he will be searching for a new one again.

And if the next one doesn't work out...

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