Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Colorado Buffalo Recruiting Pitch

Something has to change in Boulder.  The second year Pac 12 program is 0-3 and fresh off a 69-14 shellacking at the hands of Fresno State. 

Last week, Jon Embree lost to FBS Sacramento State and opened the season with a loss to in state rival Colorado State (whom never beats out Colorado for a recruit).

The Buffaloes had a very strong program in the 90s and even Rick Neuheisal had the team going for a while until a few unsavory recruiting tactics were uncovered (pun intended).

Since they can't go back to the Girls Gone Wild days, I offer a new recruiting pitch for Colorado.

This is my desktop background at work.  I cannot tell you how many people ask me where this picture was taken.  

It was snapped about an hour from the Boulder campus in Rocky Mountain National Park.  

When you're 0-3 and coming off a 55 point loss sometimes you have to be creative. 

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