Monday, November 5, 2012

ACC Football Achieves A Complete Circle

A complete circle of ineptitude.

Allow me to illustrate.

On September 22nd, FSU defeated Clemson in a highly anticipated matchup of the two best teams in the league.  After November 3rd those two teams clearly remain as the top two in the league.

But they are not immune to the ACC Circle of Sucktitude.

So it goes like this:
Clemson lost to FSU, who lost to NC State, who lost to Virginia (which I certainly didn't foresee), who lost to Duke, who lost to Virginia Tech, who lost to Miami, who lost to North Carolina, who lost to Wake Forest, who lost to Maryland, who lost to Boston College, who lost to Georgia Tech, who lost to....CLEMSON. 

The ACC Championship Game will very likely have a participant with three conference losses this season unless Duke or Miami runs the table (they both can't as they still play each other). 

That's right, Duke controls its destiny in the ACC race.

Good news is basketball season starts this weekend.

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