Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Wonder If The NCAA Will Ever Get Serious About This Recruiting Violation?

Probably not..

Later on Friday morning (before Crowell was dismissed), [Derrick] Henry was interviewed on Birmingham’s 97.3FM or SmashMouth Radio. Here are some of the highlights:

On hearing from UGA since Crowell’s charges: “I haven’t gotten any calls from UGA but fans on Twitter [let me know] what happened this morning, saying they need me back. That’s about it.”

Derrick Henry discusses Isaiah Crowell

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who Is The Fastest Georgia Tech Football Player?

Two former state champions in the 100 meter dash squared off yesterday at Georgia Tech's indoor practice facility yesterday to decide the title.

Redshirt freshman A-Back Broderick Snoddy vs True freshman QB Justin Thomas.

See the battle for yourself (courtesy of CB Jemea Thomas' cell phone)

Snoddy (white shorts) takes the title. Yellow Jacket fans are hoping both Snoddy and Thomas can run at this pace with pads on and a football in hand, which to me is the only speed that really counts.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

College Football Recruiting: Important Kicker Prospect Chris Blewitt (UPDATED)

Chris Blewitt - K
5'10", 175 lbs
From Virginia

Mr. Blewitt's profile is hard to track down as neither Scout nor Rivals have him listed as a "top prospect" but Kohl's Football Kicking has him listed at the #5 kicker in the nation (and #4 punter).

Here is their take on kicker Blewitt:
"Chris competed at the Eastern Showcase Camp in 2012 and was dominant, seems to handle pressure very well, kicks a clean FG off the ground, hit over a 5.0 punt, explosive leg strength, hit multiple kick offs that had over 4 seconds of hang-time, explosive leg should override lack of height, should be a D1 scholarship"
Verne Lundquist is hoping this kid ends up in the SEC. Oh the chortles to come.

UPDATED 7/7: Well, Mr Blewitt is not going to the SEC. He has committed to Pitt.  

Related: Tight End Jake Butt commits to Michigan (and they also have a commit named "Taco")

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Former Georgia Tech Golfer Matt Kuchar Returns To Olympic Club For The US Open

Kuchar, the 1997 U.S. Amateur champion at Cog Hill, had impressed fans with his teenage poise during a 21st-place finish at the Masters, then truly wowed them at Olympic. Kuchar, who had just finished his sophomore year at Georgia Tech, was tied for fourth after 36 holes and played in the penultimate group on Saturday. Even as he navigated the most grueling test in the game that week, he smiled relentlessly, prompting some to jokingly question his sanity.

CBS Sports: Kuchar's journey from teen star at Olympic in 1998 to favorite in 2012 is epic

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

9 Natural College Football Rivalries That Need To Start

It is Summer time and I have random college football thoughts going through my head. Like natural rivalries that everyone wants to see year in and year out, but coaches are too afraid to schedule. Here are nine natural rivalries I can think of:

Tennessee - Virginia Tech
Two mountain schools playing each other. I am thinking the infield at Bristol Speedway would be a good neutral ground.

Notre Dame - Ohio State
Woody Hayes wouldn't play this rivalry because he did not want to split the Catholic loyal in the Buckeye state, but those times have passed.

Georgia Tech - Auburn
These two are old SEC rivals that continued playing almost yearly even after Tech left the league. Auburn is the second choice of many Engineering students in the area as Georgia Tech is for football recruits.

Florida - Miami
Canes will say the Gators ended this rivalry tired of getting beat by "The U". Florida will say, and rightly so, the SEC schedule is tough enough. Still while Miami is down I think UF wouldn't mind getting a few licks in when they could.

UGA - Clemson
Anyone who grew up in the 80s in the South knew how special this rivalry was. The schools are only about 60 miles apart as the crow flies yet conference expansion on both sides and coaches and ADs fearful of losing jobs has pushed this one off the schedule.

Oregon - Oklahoma State
We can call it the donation bowl pitting two of the biggest individual donor schools against each other (and some high flying offenses to boot).

USC - Michigan
The most frequent Rose Bowl Match up in history which may not even occur now if one is in the BCS Championship Game or an anticipated "Final Four". The Trojans are known to play anyone, anytime, anywhere as evidenced by their trips to Auburn, Ohio State, Washington DC, and Arkansas among others. The trip to Southern California would give Michigan recruiting exposure in a growing market (unlike the one they reside in).

Alabama - Texas
Arguably the two most rabid states have their state universities square off. Bear, Royal, Namath, Campbell and the list goes on for the legends on both sides.

South Carolina - North Carolina
These two states have been fighting for bragging rights since the Revolutionary War. The Gamecocks are the only school ever to leave the ACC and many feel it was because of favoritism on Tobacco Road (and entrance requirements of the league).

I am still searching for a 10th...who can name another natural rivalry that needs to start (again)?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clemson Football: Does Dabo Swinney Have A No Visit After Commit Policy?

Kinda seems like it based on this story from
Clemson has dropped 2013 linebacker Isaac McDonald from its recruiting board after the rising senior at Champagnat Catholic High in Hialeah, Fla. attended camps at Mississippi and Alabama, according to multiple sources.

McDonald, who committed to the Tigers after making his first visit to campus in early March, is the second player to have recruiting ties with Clemson severed after taking visits to other schools. North Carolina offensive lineman R.J. Prince committed to Clemson last fall, but then parted ways with Clemson after he visited Chapel Hill for UNC’s basketball game against Duke. He subsequently committed to UNC.
Each school handles commits visiting other schools differently, or at least the way they handle it publicly. Privately no coach wants to see their commitments visiting other schools.

Florida LB Isaac McDonald dropped from Clemson's 2013 commitment list

Alabama Off NCAA Probation

The Alabama Athletic Department comes off its 3 year probation today serving its sentence for the violation stemming from the improper sale of textbooks.

The obligatory Nick Saban comment.
"Well, I didn't even know it was about ready to end," Saban said last week. "We don't ever want to be on probation. We always want to do everything by the rules. That's been our goal and what we've tried to do since we've been here, and that's what we'll continue to do.

"Since I didn't know it was about to end, I don't really know what it means. I'll have to think about it first, I guess."

Being on probation hardly hurt AD Mal Moore's programs as points out:
If Alabama was handicapped by the probation, it was hard to tell. The Crimson Tide actually experienced unprecedented athletic success during the past three years, winning six national championships: two in football (2009 and 2011), two in gymnastics (2011 and 2012) and one each this year in women's golf and softball. Alabama never previously had won more than one national championship in a single academic year.

Despite coming off probation, the Tide still fall into the 5 year repeat offender category which burned them in the textbook case.

Alabama NCAA Probation Ends

Monday, June 4, 2012

10 ACC Thoughts: Conference Expansion, ACC Football Stepping Out, and Notre Dame

1. If you read many ACC blogs you would think conference commissioner John Swofford has been taking a nap while his league goes down the toilet. Swofford may not be the best commissioner out there, but he has done a better job than given credit.

2. The ACC is hamstrung by its membership. Out of 14 teams, you have three state flagship schools - UNC, UVA, Maryland. Of the other 11 schools, five are private. Those ratios are way less than the other four major conferences (sorry Big East isn't major anymore) and that matters from the number of alumni to state legislature support.

3. I understand Clemson's reasons for leaving more for the Big 12 more than FSU. The Tigers have watched their in state rival become the more dominant player in the three major sports, something Clemson fans aren't used to. FSU? They have largely held their own against Florida and have other areas to blame for shortcomings in national play.

4. If I am Swofford I ask Clemson and FSU to give me one chance to get Notre Dame before they leave. Despite not being national players for almost 25 years, the Irish following is enough to save the league.

5. Georgia Tech won the ACC Baseball Championship going 4-0 from the eight seed, first ever to do so. The Yellow Jackets also made it to the regional final before bowing to #1 overall seed Florida, an accomplishment considering the recent post season woes. In what has been an up and down year for Danny Hall's club he is probably prouder of this bunch than just about any he has had in Atlanta for their perseverance.

6. Speaking of ACC Baseball, did you know the league has just one College World Series title all-time? Wake Forest won the only title back in 1955. FSU looks like the best chance this year as Mike Martin goes for that elusive trophy again.

7. ACC Basketball was actually able to hold onto some good players and strong recruiting classes will bolster the league for next season. You can't blame the Dukes and UNCs for the leagues fall off; it has been NC State (who looks to be back), Maryland, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest that have not held up their end of the bargain.

8. ACC Football has two winnable games to open the season against the SEC. The league has to split in order to begin to rebuild its stature in college football.

9. Give the ACC credit for scheduling a marquee game like Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech on Labor Day night. Heck, even LeBron was watching Maryland and Miami last year and that was two thought to be middle of the pack teams.

10. Speaking of Notre Dame, that may be the ACC's best bowl partner in light of the SEC/Big 12 alliance. That or an agreement to play the SECCG loser would be a great fit.

10 SEC Thoughts: James Franklin, Conference Expansion, And A 9 Game League Schedule

Been a while since I posted, almost a month to be exact. To be frank nothing is really going on in the ACC and SEC sports world except for a bunch of conference expansion rumors. Good thing the CIA has a bettor rumor filter than college sports is all I can say.

Here is 10 things I think I think about the SEC:

1. I feel like these conference meetings are much ado about nothing and strictly a reason for Athletic Director's to go the beach.

2. I thought Steve Spurrier's division champion point system was intriguing, but in the end the SEC made the right choice in not (essentially) creating two leagues within their own by using it.

3. James Franklin was being honest when he said what he said about assistant coaches better halves. Sometimes honesty, publicly at least, gets you in trouble. James Franklin is going to need a lot of assistant help to succeed at Vanderbilt over the long term.

4. The SEC looks to be dominating the NCAA Baseball Playoffs, again. And they are doing it at the expense of the ACC.

5. I was a little surprised UGA Athletic Director Greg McGarity was so quick to say baseball coach David Perno would be back next season. Yes, he has taken the Bulldogs to three College World Series, but they have also missed the tourney two of the last three seasons and haven't won the season series against in state rival Georgia in five years. Not many coaches stay around in Athens with that kind of record against the Yellow Jackets.

6. The SEC's lenient drug policies were brought up recently by the AP. My thinking is until coaches are rewarded for developing young men first and winning second, having a (tough) drug policy makes your seat hotter.

7. Looking ahead to the first week of the football season I am looking forward to seeing the rubber match between Clemson and Auburn most of all despite Alabama/Michigan being a likely top 20 matchup.

8. If conference expansion takes off again and the SEC moves to 16, NC State and Virginia Tech make the most sense for the league. State politics would get very interesting on Tobacco Road if offers were made.

9. Bobby Petrino was proof that looks don't really matter if you have money and power. Montana has a first year coach who has to be nervous with Petrino now available.

10. I understand why the SEC doesn't want to go to a 9 game conference schedule, but if I am ESPN I use my television money to persuade them too.