Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 BCS Championship Odds

I will go ahead and break out the SEC teams since that would seem to be the bet over the last seven years.

Alabama +300    
Arkansas +12500    
Auburn +20000 
Florida +1500   
Georgia +3000 
LSU +1000 
Mississippi State +6000
Missouri +20000  
South Carolina +3000
Tennessee +10000
Texas A&M +1400 

The odds for LSU will obviously have to change after they lost nearly their entire starting defense early to the NFL Draft.

I think UGA at +3000 has some real play.  Yes, the Bulldogs lost a lot of talent on defense but have recruited well enough to fill it reasonably well and will have the best QB in the league back for a fifth year.

Miss State at +6000 is strictly a conference play.  If the Bulldogs are in any other league they are nowhere near this number. 

Texas AM will be a hot team, but I think the loss of their star left tackle and everyone getting up for Johnny Manziel will prevent them from winning it all. 

From the non-SEC teams, I like Oregon at +800 the most.  Yes, the loss of Chip Kelly will hurt but a lot of talent returns to a team who was undefeated in regulation.   Clemson at +1500 is also intriguing with Tahj Boyd deciding to return.  The opener against Georgia will give us a big indication if Clemson is for real.
Rest of FBS
Arizona +10000    
Boise State +7500    
Boston College +30000    
BYU +15000    
California +25000    
Cincinnati +15000    
Clemson +2000     
Florida State +1500     
Georgia Tech +17500    
Iowa +17500    
Kansas State +15000    
Louisville +2000     
Miami +2500    
Michigan +3000    
Michigan State +8000     
Nebraska +3500    
North Carolina +8000    
Notre Dame +2000    
Ohio State +1000    
Oklahoma +2500    
Oklahoma State +4000    
Oregon +800    
Oregon State +7000    
Pittsburgh +15000    
Rutgers +10000     
South Florida +25000    
Stanford +3000    
TCU +6500    
Texas +3000     
UCLA +4000    
USC +4000    
Virginia Tech +6000    
Washington +10000    
West Virginia  +15000    
Wisconsin +5000    
Field +2000

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