Saturday, February 9, 2013

Michael Snaer Traveled In His Latest Game Winning Shot For FSU and Jay Bilas Talks Refs

Check out this video posted by @GACSBasketball before the Seminoles sharpshooter hit his third game winning basket in a row this time over Georgia Tech on Tuesday night.

Besides the missed travel call, the refs could have called a push off. But as many college basketball fans know, heck even rec league basketball players know, refs call the game differently in the last minute of the game than the first. The officials also missed a three second violation which enabled Snaer a clear path to the goal as you can see in the video below.

On a related ref note, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas was on Atlanta radio this week talking about how low scoring, "letting them play" style of basketball is hurting the college as much if not more than the early defections to the NBA. Bilas says college coaches are telling their players to clutch and grab the offense because it is not being called.  Combine that with a lack of shooters and you have games consistently in the 60s

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