Monday, February 11, 2013

More Bad ACC Officiating At End of Duke - Boston College Game?

Watch the end of the highlights from the Blue Devils one point win at Boston College (you can start at 1:55).

The Eagles are trying for a last second shot and after that attempt all hell breaks loose under the basket. Take a close look at Duke's Quinn Cook (#2) as he starts the play near the top of the key.

Cook blatantly pushes a BC player off the court to prevent a possible offensive rebound. Soon after the push, Cook undercuts an Eagle player with the ball in his hands. By the end of the play, three Boston College players end up on the floor as do two Blue Devils and yet no call. Can you honestly tell me that play would have resulted in no foul it had been in the first minute of the game instead of the last? What about if it was simply with 30 seconds left instead of the 3? It has been rough for refs in the ACC who missed a traveling call on Michael Snaer, a subsequent questionable push off also by Snaer, and a 3 second violation in FSU's win on Tuesday.

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