Sunday, February 17, 2013

Where Did The NBA All-Stars Play College Basketball?

I won't be watching one minute of the NBA All-Star Game tonight but I thought it would be interesting to see where the players played in college (if at all) and how the conference breakdown went.

High Schoolers dominate the list with five participants.  The ACC has five participants leading all conferences. 

School # Players
None (High School) 5
Duke                        2
UCLA                      2
Florida                      2
Texas                       2
Wake Forest 2
Syracuse                   1
Kentucky                  1
Marquette                 1
Georgia Tech 1
Fresno State 1
Stanford                   1
Oklahoma                1
Arizona State 1
Foreign 1
Michigan State 1

By Conference:
ACC                       5
Pac 12 4
SEC                        3
Big 12 3
Big East 2
Big Ten 1
WAC                      1

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