Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Look At EA Sports NCAA Football '14

EA Sports usually puts out several videos each year prior to game release in mid-July. This is the first I am aware of for NCAA Football '14.

The video focuses on EA's enhancements to the running game in this years edition.

Offense sells video games so it is not much of a surprise to see focus on this side of the ball in an early release. For many years, the running game was neglected because passing is what made the game fly off the shelves. With the emergence of programs like Oregon and the success of the Tim Tebow's, Cam Newton's, and Braxton Miller's of the world more players are using the running game in their video play.

I hope NCAA '14 places more focus on the elements surrounding the game - the crowd, the sidelines, the band. EA has put a lot of work into gameplay the last few years and it shows. But I hope they continue to work on these items as they are really lacking in my opinion. And bringing back a college basketball and college baseball game would be cool too.

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